Wednesday, May 02, 2007

cherry poping/ bitchy roomates/ ass kicking in school

so people still check my blog, i thought you guys would have given up on me
i thought it was only naija vixen that reads it
anyway i am more "popular' than i expected

Its not my fault , school has been KICKING MY ASS.
i am the genius that decided to take genetics, phys and organic together
God help me!!!

I am having second thoughts about the doctor thing, because I cant take 6- 7 more years of this shit. Ands its not like I really like caring for people sha.

By far the most interesting thing that happened to me was that...WAIT CNG PLEASE STOP READING ITS ABOUT YOUR BROTHERS SEX LIFE
I know with all your "break" nonsense you read more blogs than me.

Okay that I finally cashed by v jeje card. i was getting worried. I was probably the only 20/21 year old virgin alive. Not that they were not enuff people to bang but I wasnt that horny . Most of the time sha. some times it was mucho -el - horno
Nows its done with and I have joined the world of cherry popped women.
as the great philosopher ludacris said "sex aint overated, you just aint doing it rght."

Oh, my roommate is a bitch who will burn in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a lazy update but i am literally btw classes

Got this from Facebook. According to this - me and YOB are screwed because he at the experimentation stage. What do you guys think???

Now let me hand you some secrets. Boys aint ish! Niccas aint ish! If you are dating a guy 21 -27 odds or he is playing you. As men we go through stages of development. Piaget's Cognitive Development only it's more general. I will break these stages down so you know how to "deal"

Stage 1 – Exploration – This stage happens in men from about age 12-17. This is when the guy is still a virgin. He falls in love easily and is faithful, because he does not know what it means to be unfaithful. He is still exploring the possibilities therefore, he is excited when he finds ANYTHING. This is the time that most girls capitalize on their prize guy. He can be molded at this time to the MAN you want him to be. If you don't get a man at this stage in the game, you might be in trouble.

Stage 2 – Experimentation - This stage happens in men between the ages of 18-25. This is when everything is an experiment or a project. A guy in this stage probably has a wifey but yet has a more convenient girl upstairs that does what wifey doesn't. He holds wifey in high standards, so he doesn't burden her with his fantasy of sexual needs. He experiments on his #2, or #3. He experiments how much his #1 will take. He tries his #1 in public and apologies behind the scenes. He doesn't want to lose wifey but he does not yet know her worth. If you are in a relationship with a guy in this stage, GOOOD LUCCK!! This is the stage that MOST, not all, But most men are cheating, creeping, and just plain out dogging women. But it's up to you to stand up and say, I AINT TAKING THAT ISH! If you don't, you just become another project.

Stage 3 – Contemplation – This stage is real short. It is between the ages of 26-27. During this stage, the guy is pretty much studying his past relationships to see what he did wrong, what girls did him wrong and what he has to do to obtain a good girl. A man in the contemplation stage is a good man to begin a relationship with, but it's going to be hard. He is going to be closed and secretive. Not because he is creeping, but because he does not trust. He has done his dirt in his earlier stages and now he sees these same traits in women. He is watching his footing. He will give you only necessary information. Don't expect him to volunteer any information! A man in this stage cannot be molded. He is already set in his ways, you can only compliment what he has already established.

Stage 4 – Reality - This is the stage you want to cop a husband ladies. If you have not locked him down in Exploration or found one in Experimentation or Contemplation, here is your chance. This stage is open ended. It runs from 28-marriage. This gentleman is the nicest. He is understanding. He is ready to find wifey but he can pick apart ANY woman who does not have wifey traits. He will wine you and dine you and of course he will sex you, BUT 1 flaw and you will be back burner. If you are true, he is true, if you are not true, he is 3x's as dangerous as a guy in stage 2! During stage 4 a man realizes his mistakes even more than in stage 3. He has seen half of his Ex's that he thought he loved, move on and be married. Every marriage takes a toll on him. It tears a piece of his heart out but yet makes him stronger because the reality is, he messed up during his earlier stages.

Well I hope this breakdown helps you ladies find the right man. I'm seeing too many of you guys cling on to someone who doesn't understand your worth. Too many "good" guys are running around here single. While a lot of dogs running around here with two or three.