Monday, February 05, 2007

old men and vixens

Been busy , school, molestations and boyfriends. yeah okay so I went to this store and I was looking Gorgeous FIINEE!!! I was getting attention from the black guys and they were like “ where do you work cos I should be working with you.” and “ I would like to do some research on your body” anywayz those types of lame lines only truly beautiful girls like me hear ohhh. I digress a lot but I have to digress now. Is it that guys can just smell a chick that has a boyfriend so they chase her because when I was single and ready to mingle. I could have flashed by boobs to the entire world and these guys wouldn’t have given me a second glance. Anywayz true to the jacked up stuff that always happens to me, do the fine guys start asking for by number . NO!! This old man that looked like James Brown (that mug shot picture) Not to speak ill of the dead or anything came over. As I saw him walking towards me I am like “God please don’t insult me like this” If a guy is talking to you that mean he thinks he has a chance with you . So this old man really wanted to holler at a sister. I tried to act as if I was talking on the phone. Anyway he came sha and convo went like this.

old man: are you bothered by the guys?

omo naija: no, they are just playing

then the inevitable

old man; where are you from?

omo naija : Nigeria

Old man: I have a son inlaw from Kenya I have my grandsons picture here

he proceeded to look through his wallet but he couldn’t find the picture. thank God. I mean who told this man that I card to see the picture of his grandson

anyway YOB called my phone just in the nick of time. That’s what bobo’s are for sha.

too tired to write more but I have leant that you shouldn’t date your friends brother especially if they have petty sibling rivalry. My gosh !! both of them want to kill me. but before I sign out . Here is something for my favorite blogger naija vixen

you know we are like sisters

through the net I felt our connection

if they were two akara balls left I would give you the last one

even my favorite puff puff will be yours

like Nicole richie and paris Hilton we are Best Friends For Life.

ok have I buttered you up enough!! so naija vixen the beautiful, the talented, the greatest, the nicest,I am in love with d’banj. I know you don’t post music anymore on your blog but I need his music. PLEASE I am on my knees (Seriously ) send his songs/ cd to me. I cant find it anywhere , and don’t say I should buy it cause I am a broke college student. I mean last night when I was with YOB in bed I cried out D’banj!! anyway that lead to a lot of explanation. Ok ok that didn’t really happen but I was thinking of d’banj. I want to have little kokolets and koko masters with him

thanks babes!!!


Kafo said...

omo i feel your pain jare
the moment after u get hitched the guyz start sniffing
keep your head up

Naija Vixen said...

U this chick u r crazy oh!!lol @ "flash boobs and they wuldnt notice" guyz lyk chasing wat they cant have...okay,since u made my head swell...i'll copy the cd and mail it to you,just mail me ur addy and i'll send them or better yet...i'll email the songs to you!drop ur addy okay?but u r on ur own wiv d d'banj luv u knw how many gurls will kill for him?but everly you will win;)

Mari said...

why is everyone so obsessed with this d'banj person? Dont shot me pls. I know who he is but I don't see anything special.
oh well...

Simply Gorgeous said...

That's how men are sometimes. They only want you when they can't have you. I suspect seeing you happy is more appealing than a girl that looks like a desperado. I am still waiting to hear what happened with you and the old man?

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

lmao@ God plz don't insult me like this.. your a joker oh.. and its so true.. when ur taken.. the dudes start pouring it trying to holla! MORRAFUCKAZ! oh whao.. i just caught the gist oh.. ur dating confused's brother.. dang! thats too hot oh! hehe @ having little koko's... e don reach like that? mari.. i feel the exact same way.. i only ever heard his music last week actually for the first time in my life... one or 2.. they're good.. but the hype probably exceeds the talents.. or maybe i just haven't "listened' enough.. but in the meantime.. its still makossa for me!

Cheeky Bugger said...

I am sure you secret pheromones when you are in

omo naija said...

@ cheeky burger. you are hilarious oh.
@ vixen thanks babes you are my best friend for life.and ofcourse i will win d'banj . he called me yesterday now......
@ overwhelmed d'banj is talented oh. He is one of the few naija artists that i love love love
@kafo na so it be oh
@mari dont let me come catch you. d'banj is the man!!
@simply gorgeous the man left me alone sha. thank GOD!!

Naija Vixen said...

in Vera's words....UPDATE!!!!

beautyinbaltimore said...

A lot of African-American men like African women. The problem is most of them don't get know play.

Anonymous said...

Its not only play, its also PAY.