Thursday, August 23, 2007

Germaphobe, Tv ! and 50 cent

arrgh everyone who knows me, knows i am a germaphobe!!! I am scared of germs ! i turn everybody i know into germaphobes. I try not to touch the train poles, elevators, door knobs. Using public bathrooms is scary as heck men! I touch the door with my elbow and flush with my leg. I cant even consider sitting down on the toilet seat DISGUSTING!!! Do you know the amount of germs , microbes that live in this world ewww! the only thing i cant escape is shaking hands especially in church.
Especially in Naija churces AARGH!!!!'
why does the pastor insist on telling us to shake , hug, or do whatever to the person sitting next to us.
One day this guy i was sitting next to was just coughing! coughing! and coughing into his hands. wiping his nose with his hands ! kept fiddling with his nose! I felt bad for him but DISGUSTING!!!!! oh mi gosh! my friend and I were already preparing ourselves for when the pastor would do the customary shake someones hands and edging away from the guy. IMMEDIATELY the pastor said it, we kept shaking each other for like minutes. we didn't turn to the guy, Then the guy kind of tapped my friend to shake her and can you imagine the girl jaboed me IMMedaitely! she just high tailed out of church literally! I had no choice I ran out with her also. We dissolved into laughter at the door but came back later after getting the "look at these Jezebels " looks from the ushers who I am sure are worse than us.

Moving on!
Does anyone notice how BET is now just like MTV? i am not surprised both companies are owned by the same person. Black people need to get some quality shows that portray black people in a good light. And i don't mean shows like Baldwin Hills. ps the ghetto chick is a hoochie! but a fun hoochie! shes the most interesting character on the dry show. I mean the same company owns MTV Vh1 and BET. BET is now a clone of MTV. Its weird that Black TV is owned by a predominately white company!

Moving on again
Shower hour on Bigbrother Like WTF!!!??? I know we are hypocritical in Africa esp Naija but this is disturbing! they would never do such on Us tv. Anyway i get that big brother is on cable in Africa but......this is taking it too far. And who would want to see unedited naked people. People look disgusting naked! its true! without good lighting and camera we should keep that shit to ourselves. How does showing them in the shower add to the story? just my opinion. Its just sad how naija copies every negative thing from the west. there have all the naija versions of yankee tv shows . The government cant be bothered to copy more positive examples from yanks. And the naija version of Who wants to marry a millionaire does not qualify as a postive example!!!

Moving on again and again

Doesn't 50 cent look like a little bitch in this picture. He has a new uninspired album out and you know that's time for a publicity stunt again right!!! he has this "who will sell more albums" thing with kanye west. I was so going to support kanye but when i heard he made gazillions of dollars last year ,I decided to just just download his music illegally! the man is making enuff chedder i dont know why i should help him get richer ! But for real. 50 cent has the same bit, same lyrics, same thing!!
How stupid and generic is his new song with Justin timberlake! Ayo technology!!!??? for real!!!!
okay that's all
FB is dry again
No joke
toodles !!!


Anonymous said...

i love justin!
i believe 50 does have a monotonous sound. and so i see his collabo with jt as an attempt to free himself from the rot... so i forgive justin cuz he was jus trying to help...
and kanye rox!!!!! love him to bits. buy his album abeg, so he can provide for us when we get married.. hehe!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! First time on your blog and i have to say u remind me toooooo much of myself.. What do i mean u ask??.. Well.....

1) I don't touch any PUBLIC railings be it on the train,bus or escalators. NEVER!!!
2)I flush public toilets with some ninja style moves with my feet..LOL!!!
3) I dont touch taps especially those in public toilets yuucccckk!! I use paper towels to touch them.
4) I HATE touching those pedestrian buttons. yuckkkk! As in.. id rather wait for the next person to press it.. LOL!!

One time i was in front of the button and this crazy oyinbo woman was giving me "Press the button looks"..Hiss! Shooo what nonsense what happened to your fingers.. Just hissed and looked away. LOL!!

5) Yous story about church gave me jokes.. As in.. I MONITOR the people around me closely .. any NOSE PICKING or ASS DIGGING activities and IM JAING FROM UR SIDE!!!

But my worst fear is people WHO DONT COVER THEIR MOUTH WHEN COUGHING ON THE DAMNN TRAIN...As in Wat the..????

Was on my way to work last week and this woman was coughing like crazy next to me. At first i tried to style it out using my Pashmina to cover my nose i even contemplated holding my breath until she!..This woman no gree o.. Sharpish! I was out of that carriage.. Abeg with all these flu & TB flying about. LOL!!

So as u can see im a serious GERMAPHOBE!!!! lol!

Anonymous said...

** sorry its so long **

Zahratique said...

hehe. my mum wud be happy if i were a germaphobe like you

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

lol,wow r u being serious the complete opposite,i believe in the naija saying

"dirty no dey kill black man" and ever since i remember ive Neva got any kind of sickness,cold,cough,nuffin

yet i do all kind of crazy things

and 50 cent does look like a little bitch in this picture,i couldn't describe t with any other word,he looks like a complete big fool.

anyhoo im lovin da blog,holla

Minnesota calabar boy. said...

I dey feel ur blog sha. make u try write something new. E go better my sister.

Anonymous said...

that has totally happened to me in church before.this guy just dey pick in nose and they said we should shake hands!omo i flew out of the church o!GOD forbid!

Nadia Ahmed said...

i luv kanye west.

Anonymous said...

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