Tuesday, August 14, 2007

the prodigal sister returns -boys boys boys, summer sorry vixen!

i havent updated since may . wow is any one still there except naija vixen sha
yep its only the VIXEN here
girl i would have deleted this blog if not for you but you know you are my sister now
so i haven't blogged since may and this is august
what has happened in my all the time DRY life!!!
Well, i graduated oh. Thank Jesus.
I will not be a SUPER SENIOR .Some people have been in school for 6 years. Abeg it don do. leave school. Especially these agbaya useless Naija boys who refuse to leave school.Please GO!!! they will continue chasing skirts around. I was the victim of agbayantis . This bobo didn't take no for an answer
I was also a victim of "Ilikeolderwomen itis" . This yeye 18 year old convinced himself that he was in love with him.
See me see trouble oh ! You would think YOB would act jealous like in all those romance novels oh . NO! he was laughing . He calls me a sugar mommy now. Speaking of YOB , I shouldn't have done the nasty with him. Like DAMN!! He has been like a kid with a new toy. I Am a freak but not that much!!! Please let my "tender parts" rest. Oh he got really irritated when CNG told him that her older brother wanted to "chase me too. I aint even going to LIE!!!!!!!!!!! my head was swelling. THAT boy is FINE!!!! you know one of those guys that you re like "Boy i dont care if you cheat on me, i just want to be seen with you in public " Like Damn ! Anyway i am glad he got a LITTLE jealous.
anyway I am glad , now i am a graduate with the most useless degree ( bio) Of to med school.
Until then I will ALWAYS be broke. . It sucks when all your friends are career women and you are the youngest and brokest.
But one day sha I will be a rich bitch !!!!!!!!!!! even if it kills me!
i have to read for the mcat and sha start applying so no more partying for me!!!
this Summer was CRAZY with the amount of partying and partying and partying
anyway i think i am becoming too nice. i racked my brain for someone to yap but i cant. oh well i could just mention that a certain yello paw paw in a nija group still cannot sing ! i am sorry ! use beats or electronics , she still cant. Anyway jennifer lopez cant sing either so shes in good company. jlo reminded me of beyonce falling on her ass. when i watched it i laughed and laughed and then laughed so much. Priceless !!
i said i wasnt going to hate anymore but it just the truth. i read my last post and i get nightmares when i see the face of "my i am pained no one dances with me " Ok that was mean . God I repent :)
Anyway I am liking Banky. The ebutte metta song was catchy sha. although its the umbrella ella ella e e tune that makes it good it lacks originality but he is talented .
on my gosh i said something NICE! what is wrong with me!!!!??? i must be going CRAZY!!!
I am a mean girl now! ok a nice mean girl.
Beauty in Baltimore I watched that Taylor woman . Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL !! LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUNNY !
"dick will make you slap somebody " "piloting the pussy " " Penis power " Power of the pussy"
The woman is a HOOT !!! and that was her mother she was talking to . Imagine me telling my momsie all this SHIT! that will be the day!!!! my friends and i call it "power of the puswah" when we are in public. speaking of pussies. I was laughing so much in Transformers . meen . went to watch it with the girls but we were cracking up for the wrong reason.
first this movie was too long
then too cheesy
Lines from the movie - You are a soldier now!" " whatever happens i will always be with you" and dont forget the love affair btw the robot and the guy . Like come on now.
Anyway we nicknamed the goodie robot as octimuspussy. I know immature but funny sha .
what else happened this summer . yeah fun ! fun ! fun ! i cant remember all and i am to lazy to remember sha .
in other man news I think one guy is trying to place me as a fuck buddie oh! see me see trouble. hmm. he does the whole friends thing but Will not stop texting me about hanging out and doing stuff together. Like every weekend !!!! Homie i have a bobo now. He wants to spend every weekend with me BUT he points out all the time that we are just friends oh !
Men !

ok tata
I usually end with something from FB buts its so dry so till we meet again oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BeautyinBaltimore said...

Glad to see that you are back. How come you don't blog more often sha. Alexis Tylor is sooo funny but she tells the truth too. She got a new video and I posted it on my blog.

Don't let any of these small boys trick you out of your pussy. They say that want to be with you or that they love you but be carefull. Review Alexis videos for help and stentgh. If you deciede to close the blog at least give us a closing post.

Naija Vixen said...

ROFLAMO!!! Alleluia...she updated,and we didnt have to kill nobody!!! "agbayantis"...i am so gonna find sum old dude to use this on...dont you just hate it when old dudes try to get fresh and then start to speak "street" with you....ewwww!!! That Alexis chick is funny and scary....crazy combo!!! Fcbk is dry oh! That ugly boy who write funny notes...lol....wrote another one and dissed sum chick and then deleted it...boo...maybe it's tyme to leave that joint! Im ranting now...dont leave me again...i will bribe you with D'Banj & Wande Cole(his new signing) songs i swear!!!

Confused Naija Girl said...

LOL!!!! you and yaps sha ! that guy on FB is a case for real !

Anonymous said...

how dare ..u mock the movie-transformers....lawling...
seriously u must have been born in the late eighties..not to appreciate the movie